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Welcome to my Voice, Piano, and Musicianship Studio!

Are you looking to improve your singing skills, learn how to play the piano, or strengthen your musicianship skills?  Please continue below to learn more about how my studio can help you to fly towards the horizon of your goals...

What I Teach

Mount Royal Conservatory Vocal Academy and APP

I am also the facilitator for the Vocal Academy and the Advanced Performance Program at Mount Royal Conservatory.  The Academy program is geared to high school students (or advanced younger students), while APP can serve as a gap year or post-Bachelor's studies for university students seeking to strengthen their skills.  These exciting programs, being launched in the Fall of 2022, offer multi-faceted opportunities to further explore and develop your singing.  We will work on and discuss how to collaborate productively with pianists and other singers, body and energy awareness, theatre classes and being on stage, text development and interpretation, vocal and mental health for singers, proper diction and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).... There will be opportunities to work with our wonderful faculty as well as with guest artists who will come specifically to work with our students.  We will help you to take your singing to the next level!  For more information, please click here, or contact me directly through my contact page.

What students are saying...

"There's no better way to learn than from a performing musician - Andrea has accelerated my journey to a professional musician and I've never sounded better.  I would implore anyone who wants to take their voice to the next level to get in touch with Andrea.  Andrea made it safe and fun to reconnect with singing."

~ Geordie, singing student

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